How Just 60 Minutes Can Totally Transform Your Game

How Just 60 Minutes Can Totally Transform Your Game

If you would like to completely eliminate fear and self-doubt, shatter all mental limitations holding you back, and discover the REAL techniques, tactics, and strategies required to reignite your entire game from the inside-out… then this might be the most important message you ever read. Here’s why:


Today I’m offering a very special opportunity, one that will instantly evolve the lives of those who make the wise decision to take it up. I’m offering you a rare chance to get the exact same advice top guru’s and coaches come to me for, but with a significant difference. That difference is the cost.

Right, now let’s get to the obvious question of “why is the price so low?”

Yes I could charge 1000 bucks an hour, and I have done so for private consultations in the past. But it boils down to this. I enjoy helping people on all levels, and where possible I try to make my teachings and time available to as many guys as possible. Five hundred bucks is peanuts for some, yet for others it’s a huge dent in the pocket. So I kicked back and thought, what if I offered this deal at a rate that would cover my time expenses; a kind of not-for-profit venture.

I figured most guys can afford 197 bucks, even if they stash 65 bucks away over three months. So whether you’re a starving student or a millionaire, you can get in on this limited opportunity.

There’s another angle to this too: It isn’t just you I’m helping. The reason I’m still here, still doing this after 20 years, is because of people like you. The more guys I work with the more I learn too. I become a better teacher as you become a better learner. We grow together. My success depends on yours. This has always been a two-way relationship, and I want to honor that by opening up and connecting with as many minds as time allows for.


“Here’s what my session was like. Eric helped me clarify my specific goal. Specifically, we discussed what I wanted to achieve and what it would feel like to achieve that goal. Then he walked me through some exercises to help reprogram my mind (although reprogram is probably not the best word). I felt an amazing change of state and energy immediately. Eric displayed a ton of integrity and professionalism in our session. Top notch.”

Benjamin M. – January 5, 2012

Why You Should Reserve Your Call Spot Today

Call spots are limited. And that’s no sales pitch. I only have so much time, and I’m getting busier and busier – to the point where I am considering discontinuing the call service and focusing solely on my bootcamps. But before I do this I want everyone to have a chance at a personalized, one-on-one coaching session, which is why I’m putting this offer out there now.


Reserve your one hour session with Hypnotica today. Training sessions with Hypnotica


Reserve your four hour session with Hypnotica today. Training sessions with Hypnotica

What You’ll Learn in 60 Minutes

Straight off the bat we’ll get into the meat and potatoes. No Fluff. No Bullshit. This isn’t a canned program. This is a personal call between me and you. You’ll get full access to my mind for an hour. If your game sucks I’ll tell you. If your attitude stinks I’ll tell you. If you’ve been misled by hearsay I’ll tell you. I guarantee you that after just one 60-minute call, women will begin responding to you more positively without any effort on your behalf.

It’s a no brainer: why struggle by yourself? Why continue lying to yourself that things will get better when you know they’ll stay the same. You’ll learn more in one call with me than you’ve ever learned reading books and surfing the web. You’ll save yourself months, if not years of brainache and heartache.


“Eric gets to the core of the issue right away and plants the seed that is required for your to be successful in your goals. He walks you through every step in making sure that empowering beliefs get rooted deep into you. I was very nervous in the beginning but he has the ability to make you feel at ease with a very non judgmental and understanding approach. I felt like I could open up to him fully without any fear.”

By Faisal A. – February 9, 2012


WARNING: Don’t be Like Every Other Guy

The majority of guys never improve their game because they simply don’t take action to better themselves. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy that took action and improved. Be the guy that wins. If you don’t believe you owe it to yourself to take action then you’re on the wrong website. I am a doer. That’s why I’m still here doing this. I am living proof that success comes about through taking action. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and keep walking. But if you snooze you lose. Period.

Just imagine… waking up tomorrow to a new, brighter reality. A reality specifically designed for you, and only you. A reality full of success, beautiful women, and an abundance of happiness. A solid “Inner Game” is the foundation for success with women, and right across the board in all key areas of life. Start your transformation from the inside out, beginning with one simple call. All you have to do to claim your new reality is reserve your spot.


“I was happy talking with him on Skype. I am now convinced he can help me overcome my nervousness with approaching women. In fact, it is already working. He seems to be genuinely concerned with helping people achieving what they want, presenting suggestions for sound methods for the necessary change. He is a little different, and that is a good thing. A lot of services on the Internet employ very clever marketing, instead he presents a straight deal.”

By Aksel – February 9, 2012

Answer These Quick Fire Questions

If you’re still sitting on the fence about making a call, then let me ask you a few quick questions:

Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential?

Are you afraid of what others (mostly women) think of you?

Do you struggle with knowing what to say, or stumble when trying to lead a conversation?

Do you take rejection from women personally and beat yourself up over it?

Are you tired of living your life on the sidelines while others are in the game winning and reaping the rewards?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and unconsciously repel women?

Do you ever fear there may be something wrong with you, and that you might never be successful with women?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then stop wasting your time. You need to book a call session with me and solve these issues immediately. I guarantee you will learn at least three things in 60-minutes that will instantly better your inner game and positively change your life forever.

Listen: If you’re worried that there is something wrong with you then there probably is! And I am willing to bet it’s your attitude and approach to life that’s holding you back. Change your attitude and approach; change your life. Simple.


“This session turned out to be a complete initiation into becoming the man I wanted to be socially. I was given a really cool tool to help me reframe social situations were I had been falling flat before, and a technique that has helped me bring out my best just when I need it. I found that working personally with Hypnotica on my specific sticking points has produced bigger, lasting results immediately than stumbling through a dozen programs and videos aimed at the average guy.”

By West Coast Al – February 9, 2012

Are You Ready to Hike Your Potential Through the Roof?

If you’re ready to finally give your Inner Game a boost with me, the “Inner Game Guru,” and say goodbye to the problems and issues that have sabotaged you, held you back all these years, and are threatening to wreak havoc with your future, then let’s do this!

And hey, even if you feel you’re already on the path to success, you can step up to the next level by tweaking your game that bit further, helping you transform yourself into the type of powerful, confident man that women can’t help but notice.

Don’t let another day go by. Make the decision right now to create a new life for yourself. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Reserve your call spot below and let’s get to work on creating that life of abundance.

All the best,

Your friend,

Eric Von Sydow (AKA Hypnotica)

P.S. Remember, it’s likely these call sessions will be discontinued very soon. My bootcamps are growing fast and I can’t possibly keep up with the calls too. Take action. Don’t miss out.

5 star reviews for Hypnotica


“I had my first session with Eric, first I can say that he really really want to help us guys, he really does the best he can, and he never looks at the watch or tries to cut off the session when the hour passes. Also, he asked me to stay in contact with him and to let him know how I’m doing and maybe do a small extra session. I’m really amazed and satisfied!”

By Fabian – December 16, 2011


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